aerial view of Easdale Island

Eilean Eisdeal: General Links

An Cala Gardens:
Beautiful gardens set just outside the tiny village of Ellenabeich, Isle of Seil.

Ardmaddy Gardens:
Wonderful gardens well worth a visit. You'll pass the junction to Ardmaddy on the B844 road to Easdale.

Oban Walking Town Tours:
Discover the history in an Oban town walking tour.

Melfort Pier & Harbour:
Scandinavian Loch side Houses and Moorings on one of the most beautiful Lochs on the West Coast of Scotland, where the Highlands come down to the Ocean.

Undiscovered Scotland:
Undiscovered Scotland is a combination of visitor guide, accommodation listing and business directory, and its aim is to show you what Scotland is really like.

Scotland Travel Blog:
Taking it Easy on Easdale.

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sheep sculptures - An Cala Gardens
(photo Davie Walker)