aerial view of Easdale Island

About Easdale: Community Profile

Easdale Island has in total 75 inhabited houses, of which 27 are occupied by permanent residents. A further 41 are second homes of people who regularly visit at weekends or holidays and some of these homes have been in the same family for many generations since the Island's industrial heyday. Five houses are used for holiday letting.

In addition to the houses there is the pub/restaurant, the museum, the community hall, the ferry shed, and the Coalree which is used as a workshop.

All residential property is freehold and owned mainly by the occupiers. The major part of the Island which is not occupied by housing was bought in 1985 by Mr Clive Feigenbaum and has now been inherited by his son Jonathan who resides in England.

Easdale Islanders 2003

Easdale Islanders 2003 - The New 'Hellish Rabble'

At the present time there are 58 permanent residents, including children of school age or younger. Children attend the nursery and primary school in Ellenabeich on the mainland and thereafter Oban High School. There is a well-balanced spread of ages. More than half the population is aged between 20 and 60, and approximately 20 per cent are older than 60. This is unlike many communities in similar circumstances which often have a large number of retired people, and demonstrates a good basis for future sustainability.

The residents have a wide and varied range of occupations and professions. Some work from home and run successful island businesses and many commute to Oban and beyond. The essential ferry service run by the local authority employs four ferrymen, two of whom live on the island along with their families. The bar and restaurant, food producer and a company offering local boat/wildlife trips provide employment on the island. There are also seasonal part time posts in the museum and community hall. The community is determined to create more opportunities by providing suitable workspaces for new businesses.

Easdale Island: The Square

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