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Eilean Eisdeal: the Easdale Island Community Development Group

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Easdale is a small island in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland, 16 miles south of Oban. 'Eilean Eisdeal', the Easdale Island Community Development Group, is a charitable organisation run by residents and friends of the island to carry out projects on the island of benefit to the community and with the long term aim of regeneration and sustainability for the island.

Eilean Eisdeal was set up in 1997. Its first major project, the renovation of a unique slate built hall on the island for use as an arts and community centre, was completed in May 2003. In 2005 funding was secured for the purchase of the island’s historic harbour and an adjacent area of land for community development. The regeneration and repair of the harbour continues to be an ongoing project.

Eilean Eisdeal News

Directors news

Following the retirement of Jess Hill as a director, a number of new appointments have been made by the directors.

Harbourmaster - Rob Hadfield
Company Secretary - Jackie Inch (also responsible for Membership)
Treasurer - Samantha Payn

Eilean Eisdeal currently has five directors - Lynn Noble, Rob Grigg, Rob Hadfield, Jackie Inch and Samantha Payn. If anyone would like to be co-opted as a director to help Eilean Eisdeal move forward in managing the island's assets for the benefit of the community please approach any one of the directors in the first instance. No previous experience is necessary, just a willingness to help the island community by getting involved. Directors meet approximately once a month, and it is possible to attend meetings remotely (usually via Skype). Up to two directors may live "off-island".
May 2023

Director change

Jess Hill is standing down as Director (and Chair/Secretary) of Eilean Eisdeal after many, many (sixteen or more) years of stalwart service. Much thanks to her for work, and for her continued offer of support.
March 2023

Aurora Borealis

We were thrilled with a magnificent display from the Aurora Borealis recently, and Rob Hadfield took some great pictures.
March 2023

Easdale Island Harbour

Work on the maintenance of the harbour is ongoing with replacement of mooring and pontoon chains being done whenever a low tide gives the opportunity.
March 2023

Hall Access

An access key-box has been installed at the Hall. Insurance conditions require island residents to register to have access to the key-box. This will commence in the near future.
Feb 2023

Easdale Island Hall

The Hall committee would welcome any help in organising events and anyone who would like to volunteer to assist with the bar can do a short training course through Sam. Please contact Sam or Jess.
Feb 2023

Eilean Eisdeal AGM

Easdale Island Hall, 30th December 2.30pm.
Dec 2022


Easdale Island Hall, 2nd January 2023
Dec 2022

The DIY Ceilidh is Back

Easdale Island Hall, 1st January 2023, 7.30pm.
Dec 2022

Children's Christmas Party

Easdale Island Hall, 18th December 2.30 to 4.30pm.

Games, crafts, stories and light refreshments. All welcome. Please bring a plate of food to share.
Dec 2022

New Resident

Welcome to new resident Hannah Baile-Thomas.
Dec 2022

Playpark Update

The Easdale Island Play Area is almost complete.

The climbing frame is still taped off as it needs to be inspected but after 21st Nov it will be all good to go.

There is a mud kitchen with tonnes of accessories to have loads of fun and let the kids be creative with.

There's a table and 4 seats, 3 balance beams, 1 chalkboard, 1 perspex board, 1 whiteboard (all for sensory play and to encourage children to use their imaginations and play together) and there is a tunnel perch that they can climb on and under.

Inside the hall there is a basketball hoop with basketballs and a Swingball set that can be signed out and used.

The Sheltered Sandpit is still to arrive.

We hope that everyone coming to the island with kids, have fun and just enjoy it all.
Nov 2022

Events coming up

Christmas Craft Fair, Sun 20 Nov, 11am to 4pm in Easdale Island Community Hall. Local crafts, home baking, live festive music from Fools’ Gold! Everything you need to get you in the Christmas mood and help you start on your Christmas shopping.

Community Carols with Fools’ Gold, Sun 11 Dec, from 3pm in Easdale Island Community Hall.

There’ll be the Easdale Island Panto! Oh yes there will! Plans are afoot. Let Samantha Payn know if you want to be involved, and she’ll pass on your details.
Nov 2022


Huge thanks to Bethan & Joe, Amanda & Neil and all who have helped thus far in getting the new playpark up and running. More assistance will be needed to finish the project so keep your work gloves handy.
Oct 2022

New Residents

Welcome to new residents Laura, Dale, Evelyn and Marie-Ann.
Aug 2022

Art Festival

The Easdale Island Art Festival has been rescheduled to 23rd - 27th September, 11.30am to 3pm, opening Friday 23rd September at 7.30pm in Easdale Island Hall.
Aug 2022

World Stone Skimming Championships 2022

Due to the continuous and continuing impact of Covid on the organisation, we have had to cancel this year's stone skimming event.
Aug 2022

New Director

The board of directors is delighted to welcome its newest member, Rob Hadfield
May 2022

Doghouse Roses

Appearing at Easdale Island Community Hall on June 25th - Doghouse Roses with John Alexander supported by Paul Tasker (from Doghouse Roses) and Dejan Lapanja.
May 2022

Play Vessel - Captain Cook

Many thanks to Neil and Amanda McCrirrick and many others in the community for preparing the Captain Cook as a play vessel for children to enjoy.
May 2022


Congratulations to Tabitha and Jed who celebrated their wedding on the hill on 5th May – we wish them every happiness.
May 2022


Looking forward to the wedding of Heather and Simon being celebrated in Easdale Island Community Hall on 28th May.
May 2022

New residents

Welcome to Adrian and Lisa who have just moved to the Island!
May 2022

AGM notice and call for Nominations for Director

The postponed AGM will be held on Sun 17 April 2022 at 2.30pm in Easdale Island Community Hall.

The draft minute of the 2020 AGM which will require to be approved is available on the minutes page.

Samantha Payn, Jackie Inch and Robert Grigg are co-opted directors and are standing for election. There is one vacant directors post.

Any member wishing to stand for election as a director must complete a nomination form and have it signed by the members who are proposing and seconding the nomination and return the form to the Company Secretary by midnight on Friday 15th April 2022
March 2022

Easdale Island Museum

The Museum is to open for the season on 1st April. Please contact with offers for help with preparing it for, or staffing it through, the season.
March 2022

World Stone Skimming Championships 2022

Plans for the return of Stone Skimming are proceeding apace! Delighted to have secured The Disclaimers for the Saturday night gig
March 2022

Seafari Crew

A warm welcome to Easdale Island to the Seafari 2022 seasonal crew - Meerabai and Faye.
March 2022


There is to be a concert on 25th November featuring the Resol String Quartet and Richard Scholfield on saxophone, who will play a short programme starting at 6.30pm. Entrance is free, donations welcome.
Nov 2021

AGM postponement

Due to the current Omicron restrictions and the uncertainty for the future it is with regret that once again the AGM has to be postponed.

The directors have provisionally arranged for the AGM to take place on Easter Sunday 17 April 2022 any restrictions applicable at that time permitting.
Have a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year we hope to see you soon.
Dec 2021


There is to be a concert on 25th November featuring the Resol String Quartet and Richard Scholfield on saxophone, who will play a short programme starting at 6.30pm. Entrance is free, donations welcome.
Nov 2021

Your Island Needs You

Your Island Needs You

If you would like to help set up tables in the hall or volunteer for a day in the museum? Eilean Eisdeal is entirely run by volunteers and we would be very grateful for your support. Please fill in the form on our volunteer page.
Nov 2021

New residents

Easdale Island extends a warm welcome to new residents Kyle Mathews and Jassy Earl.
Nov 2021

Hall reopening

The Hall reopened for community events with a quiz and recent concert, both featuring masses of local talent. The events were a great success and very much enjoyed by all present.
Oct 2021

Open Community Meeting

14.00 Sun 26 Sept 2021

The purpose of the meeting is for all islanders to contribute to the potential future direction of the community.

Topics to be discussed are welcome on the day of the meeting or if you cannot be present submitted by e-mail to or by post to The Secretary, Easdale Community Hall, Easdale Island. Argyll, PA34 4TB

We the directors look forward to seeing you there and will welcome your input.
Sept 2021

Exam Results

Congratulations to Clara who will be going off to Uni later this year, and to Duncan on his exam results.
Aug 2021

On The Move

Very sad to say goodbye to Des, Laura, Finn and Elsie who will be sorely missed on the island – we wish them all the best in their new adventures.
Aug 2021

Coal Day

Many thanks to everyone involved in Coal Day this year. 34 tonnes of assorted fuels were distributed around the island by a very large team of residents, homeowners, guests and holidaymakers.
May 2021

Easdale Welcome

Welcome to new residents Rob, Sue and Alex in The Old Quarrymaster’s House (formerly No. 55).
May 2021

Easdale Baby

Many congratulations to Beth and Joe for the safe arrival of their son Lucas on 14th May.
May 2021

Easdale Island Folk Museum

Easdale Island Folk Museum plans to re-open on 1st June.
April 2021

Wedding plans

Congratulations to Rosie Collinge who will marry Martin on 30th April at the Ardanaiseig Hotel. Congratulations also to Catherine and Michelle who plan to get married in the Hall on 29th May.
April 2021

On the move

Welcome to Neil and Amanda who have moved in No 62, Steve in No 53 (belatedly) and Ellie in No 54.
Feb 2021

EE Membership

Membership fees have been reduced to £10.00 per person.
Jan 2021


Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions, the directors of Eilean Eisdeal sought the advice of OSCR and were advised that we could postpone the AGM until the earliest date permissible. We are therefore postponing the annual AGM, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

It is our intention to send out notifications of an AGM as soon as possible as required by our Memorandum and Articles of Association.

The draft minutes of the 2019 AGM is available in the 'Minutes' section and will require to be approved in due course.

The end of year accounts currently with our auditors will be made available here as soon as they are accepted by the auditors. They will also be forwarded to the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator as normal.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM as soon as it can be arranged.
Nov 2020

Stone Skimming Quarry Purchase

The Directors are delighted to be able to tell you all that after a protracted amount of time the purchase of the Stone Skimming quarry for the community has finally been concluded successfully.

We would like to thank the Scottish Land Fund for continuing to support the project and the National Lottery Community Fund. It has not been an easy process.

We would also like to thank directors past (who started out on this project) and present for all their support on this bumpy journey and to the members for their on going support.
Nov 2020


In our island lock-down, thanks must go to Puffer for the Sunday treats, the ladies who knitted all the NHS dolls and sewed individual face-coverings, all the food-delivery volunteers, the ferry-men for going above and beyond, and the Thursday evening musicians.
June 2020

On the move

We are sad to see two families leave the island recently - Calum, Vicky, Dylan & Rosie and Lyndsey, Dave, Siobhan, Joe, Georgia & Jamie - but wish them all the very best.
June 2020

Arts Programme 2020

To all our loyal supporters, friends and visitors.
It is with great regret, but given the current Covid 19 situation and in line with current Government instructions Eilean Eisdeal will be unable hold the publicised Arts Programme events in Easdale Island Hall for a minimum of the next three months, but possibly longer.

We will update you if the situation changes at all.

Trail West is scheduled to come at the beginning of October and we are hoping that this gig will go ahead, and be a celebration, but we will keep you posted. March 2020

EGM outcome

The outcome of the voting on the motion to change the Membs and Arts at the EGM on 23rd February 2020 is as follows:

  • Show of hands votes
    yea 12, nae 0, abstentions 0
  • Postal votes
    yea 15, nae 1, abstentions 11

The motion is carried.
February 2020

Membership subscriptions

Reminder that membership subscriptions are due.
January 2020

DIY Ceildh and Panto

Fantastic DIY Ceildh and fabulous Panto were enjoyed by many visitors and residents alike.
January 2020

Hall Spring-clean

Be prepared - Hall Spring-clean to be organised.
January 2020


Easdale Island Community Hall

Easdale Island Community Hall is host to the highly successful Eilean Eisdeal Arts Programme and other community activities and is also available for functions such as weddings and conferences. Details of Arts Programme events, the hall and its facilities, and how to go about booking the hall, are now available in our dedicated hall website at

Easdale Island Folk Museum

The award winning Easdale Island Folk Museum was purchased by Eilean Eisdeal in 2008. Under community ownership it offers employment and volunteer opportunities to the islanders. Please see our Museum website for more information.

Eilean Eisdeal would not be able to survive without your support. Any assistance you can offer, either in terms of ideas or your time, or by way of financial donation or membership, will be of invaluable help in furthering the preservation and future viability of this unique island.

If you have never been to Easdale Island, we hope you'll visit soon! Please see our accommodation page for somewhere to stay.