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Brilliant FULL house Panto on 2nd Jan raised £457.94 - many thanks to all concerned.

Jan 2019


New Residents

Welcome to Pamela and John who have recently moved into the Island.

Dec 2018


Drop In session

Views on the possibility of a community purchase of The Puffer Bar and Restaurant

Keren confirmed she had approached Eilean Eisdeal to consider a community purchase of The Puffer Bar and Restaurant. The business had been up for sale for a number of years. Whilst interest had been expressed no purchase had been concluded. There had been a recent further promotion on the sale with interests expressed but to date no buyer had come forwards. Keren believed the pub/restaurant is an esstential service to the community. Should there be no sale of the business the premises could be sold separately and converted for residential housing. This would leave the island without pub and restaurant. Her wish was to offer the island the opportunity to consider a community purchase. Eilean Eisdeal expressed a wish for continued communication with Keren.

The consensus of both directors of Eilean Eisdeal and those attending the meeting was that a private sale of The Puffer Bar and Restaurant was definitely the preferred option and Keren was encouraged to continue to seek a private buyer. Apart from the social aspect of a pub /restaurant to both locals and visitors The Puffer is the major island employer offering both permanent and seasonal employment. Many of the island’s school and university students have started employment at The Puffer. There has been no necessity for them or their parents to travel to Oban to gain experience and additional money. Those attending recognised the importance of encouraging full time residents to the island. Employment opportunities are an essential component.

Opinion of those attending as to whether Eilean Eisdeal should consider purchasing The Puffer was divided. The general feel was that Eilean Eisdeal should not take on the Puffer or purchase it unless no other option was available. Another meeting to really hammer that out will be needed. Suggestions included a business plan would be required where we are not employing a manager but one that is based on leasing out the premises to run as a pub /restaurant, a bit like a franchise or what happens with Green King, Marstons e.t.c pubs. Should a future meeting be necessary it will have to outline the pros and cons of the purchase. Generally the view was that Easdale needed a pub /restaurant with some disagreement whether the hall could really do that.

Attempting to progress a purchase at this moment in time was not considered necessary as The Puffer remains on the open market with the potential of a private buyer. A potential purchase of The Puffer by EE would significantly increase this workload. Directors of Eilean Eisdeal agree that a pub /restaurant is good for Easdale. They agree the preferred option is The Puffer should remain in private ownership. Should circumstances change with The Puffer potentially closing for business a further meeting should be arranged.

Dec 2018


Managing visitors to Easdale and Ellenabeich

With Carron Tobin 10:30 to 1pm, Sun 16 Dec

10:30 to 12pm open conversation; 12pm to 1pm 1-2-1 chats available. Please contact Carron directly to book a slot carron.tobin@ruraldimensions.com

Dec 2018


Possible community purchase of the Puffer

2:30pm to 4.00pm, Sun 16 Dec. Open conversation drop in

The Directors of Eilean Eisdeal were recently approached to consider a community purchase of the Puffer. We invite Easdale Island residents to meet to discuss their views, or write/email before 16th December.

Dec 2018


Social Enterprise Workshop

all LIP islands were represented and worth-while event

Nov 2018


Successful year for the Museum

volunteers needed for 2019

Nov 2018


New directors

EE has two new directors Lynn Noble and Alan McFadyen

Nov 2018


Call to parents

We need your help to refurbish the playpark as a community project

Nov 2018


Social Enterprise Workshop

2nd Nov 10am - 4pm

We are very pleased that Easdale Hall will be hosting a Social Enterprise Workshop organised through the Lorn Islands Partnership, (LIP), which Eilean Eisdeal is a part of.

Social Enterprises are businesses which are set up to change the world, they help people and communities. Like traditional businesses they aim to make a profit but it’s what they do with their profit that sets them apart – reinvesting or donating it to create positive social change and exist in nearly every sector from consumer goods to healthcare, community energy to creative agencies, restaurants to facilities management.

LIP invites you to take part in an introductory workshop highlighting the possibilities for the delivery of community services and projects via Social Enterprise models.

Workshop Content:

  • Getting the foundations right
  • Being enterprising
  • Managing your money
  • Understanding the Difference you are Making
  • Bringing it all together

The Workshop is being delivered by Development Trust Association Scotland, to whom we are extremely grateful.

To book a place at the workshop, please contact glConsultancy25@yahoo.com by 27 Oct 2018 so that catering needs can be confirmed.

October 2018


World Stone Skimming Championships

The World Stone Skimming Championships were a great success this year, raising over £7000.The funds raised would have been more, but we were charged £1000 by Mr Feigenbaum for the use of the quarry.

Back to a happier note, congratulations to our new men's champion, Peter Szep from Hungary and a special congratulations to returning women's winner Lucy Wood, whose win was dedicated to her late father.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the day such a success, and we are very grateful to the WSSC organising committee for all their hard work in pulling together what was a fun weekend. Thank you for all who came out and supported the Championships on the day and for coming over to see the return of the brilliant Sheelanagig.

October 2018


World Stone Skimming Championships 2018

On Sunday 23 Sept the World Stone Skimming Championships will take place on the island, with the Pre-Skim bash on the Saturday night with the wonderful Sheelanagig, in the Hall.

Please come out and support what will be a wonderful day, with the BBQ, Stone Skimming Merchandise and entertainment provided by Argyll based Funky Chicken Fun.

Your support is especially appreciated as the we were hoping to announce that we have been successful in purchasing the quarry with support from the Scottish Land Fund, however the award has been postponed due to complaints SLF have received from a very small number of residents. This delay has lead to Jonathan Feigenbaum invoicing Eilean Eisdeal £1200 for the use of the quarry for our main fundraising event

The money raised during WSSC goes to helping to maintain our community hall, the Folk museum and towards the work we would like to take to maintain the harbour. It seems there are some people just intent on wanting the community to lose the hall and the museum. So please, come out and support the wonderfully, entertaining and globally renowned World Stone Skimming Championships on Sunday 23rd. Registration opens at 10am.

September 2018


Call for Directors

Your hall and museum need you!

Come the AGM in December, 3 of the 4 current directors will be stepping down and islanders are needed.

Please do consider coming on board to keep the museum, the hall and the harbour going, (and hopefully the Stone Skimming quarry and Stone Skimming Championships), and in community ownership.

Please contact any of the directors (Duncan, Jess, Jan or Iain) if interested.

September 2018


Harbour news

In May we had a visit from Alex and John from Covan Burn Contracts and Addison Conservation and Design to look at what works need to be under taken to properly preserve and repair the harbour. The original aim was to look at repairing the collapsed wall in the harbour, however the feedback we have received after working with John throughout June and July has been prioritising possible protection works before securing the walls.

As part of ongoing work to make the most available space in the harbour especially for islanders, we looked into getting two yachts, Red Witch and “Nameless” which have sat unused for over 7 years, removed from the top of the harbour. Both vessels had considerable un-paid harbour dues, which had to be written off as bad debt in last years accounts and in the instance of Nameless, repeated letters and calls failed to get a response.

Following an advert put out, offering the boats for free, we had a response from a charity in Perth, who would take the vessels and refurbish them to provide sailing tuition for disabled and disadvantaged children. We thank Max Leeson for agreeing to let Red Witch go to the charity, who will come and collect once the weather holds.

After news that Nameless was to be removed, some individuals took it upon themselves to remove Nameless from the harbour one stormy night, thus denying the Perth based charity the possible use of two boats.

September 2018


All happening in the Hall

The Arts Programme has been very popular this year, thank you to Des and Keren for creating such a full, fun and interesting events schedule.

The excellent and moving theatre production of Downs with Love in June was very much enjoyed by all who attended.

In July Gary Innes wowed everyone, an outstanding performance, much talked about afterwards and in August the very funny Jim Smith brought his Edinburgh Fringe show to the island and had everyone laughing.

The arts programme finishes as the very entertaining and talented Sheelanagig return to play the Pre-Skim Bash on September 22nd.

September 2018


Island celebrations!

We are a bit late with these public congratulations! Big congratulations to Beth and Joe with the birth of Luna, she is adorable and everyone is happy that there is another baby and new resident on the island.

Massive congratulations also to Maggie and Mellon on their wedding back in May! The sun did shine on a sunny and fun couple and it was a splendid day, a perfect island wedding.

September 2018


Painted Cats

The ever popular and iconic painted slate cats will be coming to an end. Jean Adams who has been painting the cats for many years and which the Easdale Folk Museum has sold, has retired from painting.

The museum has purchased the last cats that Jean painted and will keep some for posterity. We thank Jean for all the wonderful work she has done, for the wonderful creations that have become a commonplace sight around Easdale and have proved so popular in the museum.

September 2018


Easdale Island Fund – Thank you

Many thanks go to Ruth and Marion for their work in raising funds for projects such as new batteries for the buggy and for the removal of the scrap metal that had been building up in the rush n gush for some time.

September 2018


Rural housing survey

In December 2017 a housing need survey was undertaken by Rural Housing Scotland (RHS) for Easdale Island and the rest of the Lorn Islands Partnership. Unfortunately the public meeting was poorly attended and there were only 5 respondents to the survey put out in the ferry shed.

The report is now available to download here for review. We are very lucky that Cameron from RHS is happy to come back in July /August to under take a door to door survey or a public meeting to help assess the housing need on the island.

June 2018


Easdale Conservation Area Appraisal Consultation

In December last year Argyll and Bute Council held a consultation concerning the Conservation Heritage status of Easdale and Ellenabeich with the aim of discovering what islanders find important. Thanks to the combined pressure from Eilean Eisdeal, the Community Council and Slate Islands Heritage Centre the consultation was extended to the end of April.

The Argyll & Bute Council website holds the Easdale Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan consultation document. You can also complete the online survey at the same website. This has to be completed by Monday 30 April 2018.

Eilean Eisdeal and the Community Council have had a further meeting with Argyll and Bute Council about the Conservation Heritage status appraisal.

April 2018


All happening in the Hall

The spring and summer arts programme has already begun with The Antics opening during the Easter holidays followed by the very well attended puppet theatre performance of Conan and the Dragon by the Yugen theatre company.

Thanks to Keren and Des for putting together a wonderful Arts Programme for the year, the next performance in June will be Downs with Love. Thanks go to Keren for her work in submitting a successful application to Creative Scotland for funding of this years Arts Programme.

The year started off with the well supported DIY Ceilidh on the 1st of January and the well attended Panto, Beauty and the Beast, on the 2nd.

Later in January a film crew came to shoot an interesting film called Andros, though due to the poor weather they have had to return in April to shoot the final scenes. The film about a women only island, many of the locals have been extras in the film.

April 2018


Harbour Report

In May we had a public meeting to open a consultation regarding the harbour following a series of emails received regarding various points about the harbour. Subsequent to the public meeting and the Draft Harbour Plan made available, a letter was received by Eilean Eisdeal that was also sent out to various regulatory authorities including the Health and Safety Executive, Marine Scotland and Argyll & Bute Council, outlining allegations against the use of the harbour.

With the assistance of Tony Hill, we have compiled a report of the outcomes of the investigation, which concludes that none of the authorities contacted have an issue with the harbour. This has taken up valuable time from trying to push forward a programme of renovation and development to help secure the future of our harbour.

The full report is available on the Harbour page

December 2017



A big thank you to SeaFari Crew, Voirrey, Lynn, Michelle, Jess and other volunteers who helped put on a wonderful display and constructing a rather impressive bonfire. It was an evening everyone seemed to enjoy and bring a bit of light on a the encroaching dark winter evenings.

December 2017


Congratulations to Joe and Beth

A big congratulations to Joe and Beth Smith who are expecting their first child in March 2018. Really is wonderful news as our island continues to grow.

December 2017


Proposed Eilean Eisdeal AGM

29th December 2017

We will be sending out formal notification next month for the AGM with the proposed date and time of Friday 29th December at 2:30pm. Get the date in your diary.

November 2017


Rural Housing survey

4th November 2017

Cameron Anson from Rural Housing Scotland will be coming to talk about the possible housing needs of Easdale and launch a survey into peoples views on housing on Easdale. Cameron is carrying out such a survey across all four islands and on behalf of the Lorn Island Partnership. Cameron is likely to talk on Saturday morning, though a time is yet to be confirmed. We hope that you can all make it to listen to what the Rural Housing Survey is all about.

November 2017


Peat Bog Faeries

Thank you to Keren and Des for getting the Peat Bog Faeries to Easdale. It was a wonderful, sold out gig and everyone seemed to have a good time. A good way to finish a very successful and full Arts Programme for the year. Only the Panto to go.

October 2017


Thank you Wee!

The Peat Bog Faeries also saw the end of an era in Easdale Hall, with Wee stepping down from doing the sound tech. Without him, all the performances we have seen over the years just would not have been possible or have sounded as good as they have. Thank you Wee for all you have done.

October 2017


Easdale Harbour update

Since the community meeting in May, EE has been contacted from HSE and Marine Scotland concerning the Harbour. In addition the MCA and A&B Council have been approached concerning the harbour. All these agencies were contacted by an EE Member with concerns regarding the harbour. EE has received notice from all these agencies that they have no concerns regarding the harbour and that EE have no case to answer. We thank Tony Hill for helping us with this difficult situation, which has taken a lot of our time and energy away from other activities. We are also grateful for his continued work on the harbour. We will be publishing a final report in the near future.

September 2017

Hall Events

For more info and ticket sales see the hall website



Easdale is a small island in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland, 16 miles south of Oban. 'Eilean Eisdeal', the Easdale Island Community Development Group, is a charitable organisation run by residents and friends of the island to carry out projects on the island of benefit to the community and with the long term aim of regeneration and sustainability for the island.

Eilean Eisdeal was set up in 1997. Its first major project, the renovation of a unique slate built hall on the island for use as an arts and community centre, was completed in May 2003. In 2005 funding was secured for the purchase of the island’s historic harbour and an adjacent area of land for community development. The regeneration and repair of the harbour continues to be an ongoing project.

Easdale Island Community Hall

Easdale Island Community Hall is host to the highly successful Eilean Eisdeal Arts Programme and other community activities and is also available for functions such as weddings and conferences. Details of Arts Programme events, the hall and its facilities, and how to go about booking the hall, are now available in our dedicated hall website at www.easdaleislandhall.org.

Easdale Island Folk Museum

The award winning Easdale Island Folk Museum was purchased by Eilean Eisdeal in 2008. Now under community ownership it offers employment and volunteer opportunities to the islanders. Please see our Museum website for more information.

Eilean Eisdeal would not be able to survive without your support. Any assistance you can offer, either in terms of ideas or your time, or by way of financial donation or membership, will be of invaluable help in furthering the preservation and future viability of this unique island.

If you have never been to Easdale Island, we hope you'll visit soon! Please see our accommodation page for somewhere to stay.

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