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Rural housing survey

In December 2017 a housing need survey was undertaken by Rural Housing Scotland (RHS) for Easdale Island and the rest of the Lorn Islands Partnership. Unfortunately the public meeting was poorly attended and there were only 5 respondents to the survey put out in the ferry shed.

The report is now available to download here for review. We are very lucky that Cameron from RHS is happy to come back in July /August to under take a door to door survey or a public meeting to help assess the housing need on the island.

June 2018


Easdale Conservation Area Appraisal Consultation

In December last year Argyll and Bute Council held a consultation concerning the Conservation Heritage status of Easdale and Ellenabeich with the aim of discovering what islanders find important. Thanks to the combined pressure from Eilean Eisdeal, the Community Council and Slate Islands Heritage Centre the consultation was extended to the end of April.

The Argyll & Bute Council website holds the Easdale Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan consultation document. You can also complete the online survey at the same website. This has to be completed by Monday 30 April 2018.

Eilean Eisdeal and the Community Council have had a further meeting with Argyll and Bute Council about the Conservation Heritage status appraisal.

April 2018


All happening in the Hall

The spring and summer arts programme has already begun with The Antics opening during the Easter holidays followed by the very well attended puppet theatre performance of Conan and the Dragon by the Yugen theatre company.

Thanks to Keren and Des for putting together a wonderful Arts Programme for the year, the next performance in June will be Downs with Love. Thanks go to Keren for her work in submitting a successful application to Creative Scotland for funding of this years Arts Programme.

The year started off with the well supported DIY Ceilidh on the 1st of January and the well attended Panto, Beauty and the Beast, on the 2nd.

Later in January a film crew came to shoot an interesting film called Andros, though due to the poor weather they have had to return in April to shoot the final scenes. The film about a women only island, many of the locals have been extras in the film.

April 2018


Harbour Report

In May we had a public meeting to open a consultation regarding the harbour following a series of emails received regarding various points about the harbour. Subsequent to the public meeting and the Draft Harbour Plan made available, a letter was received by Eilean Eisdeal that was also sent out to various regulatory authorities including the Health and Safety Executive, Marine Scotland and Argyll & Bute Council, outlining allegations against the use of the harbour.

With the assistance of Tony Hill, we have compiled a report of the outcomes of the investigation, which concludes that none of the authorities contacted have an issue with the harbour. This has taken up valuable time from trying to push forward a programme of renovation and development to help secure the future of our harbour.

The full report is available on the Harbour page

December 2017



A big thank you to SeaFari Crew, Voirrey, Lynn, Michelle, Jess and other volunteers who helped put on a wonderful display and constructing a rather impressive bonfire. It was an evening everyone seemed to enjoy and bring a bit of light on a the encroaching dark winter evenings.

December 2017


Congratulations to Joe and Beth

A big congratulations to Joe and Beth Smith who are expecting their first child in March 2018. Really is wonderful news as our island continues to grow.

December 2017


Proposed Eilean Eisdeal AGM

29th December 2017

We will be sending out formal notification next month for the AGM with the proposed date and time of Friday 29th December at 2:30pm. Get the date in your diary.

November 2017


Rural Housing survey

4th November 2017

Cameron Anson from Rural Housing Scotland will be coming to talk about the possible housing needs of Easdale and launch a survey into peoples views on housing on Easdale. Cameron is carrying out such a survey across all four islands and on behalf of the Lorn Island Partnership. Cameron is likely to talk on Saturday morning, though a time is yet to be confirmed. We hope that you can all make it to listen to what the Rural Housing Survey is all about.

November 2017


Peat Bog Faeries

Thank you to Keren and Des for getting the Peat Bog Faeries to Easdale. It was a wonderful, sold out gig and everyone seemed to have a good time. A good way to finish a very successful and full Arts Programme for the year. Only the Panto to go.

October 2017


Thank you Wee!

The Peat Bog Faeries also saw the end of an era in Easdale Hall, with Wee stepping down from doing the sound tech. Without him, all the performances we have seen over the years just would not have been possible or have sounded as good as they have. Thank you Wee for all you have done.

October 2017


Easdale Harbour update

Since the community meeting in May, EE has been contacted from HSE and Marine Scotland concerning the Harbour. In addition the MCA and A&B Council have been approached concerning the harbour. All these agencies were contacted by an EE Member with concerns regarding the harbour. EE has received notice from all these agencies that they have no concerns regarding the harbour and that EE have no case to answer. We thank Tony Hill for helping us with this difficult situation, which has taken a lot of our time and energy away from other activities. We are also grateful for his continued work on the harbour. We will be publishing a final report in the near future.

September 2017


World Stone Skimming Championships

A big thank you to the WSSC Organising committee (Keren, Michelle, Alex, Jess, Jan and Duncan) for putting together a what was a wonderful weekend and thank you to all of you who volunteered and pitched in over the weekend. Thank you to all our sponsors for their kind contributions. With all of this time and help, this year we raised a gross total of over £8000. We have paid Mr Feigenbaum £1000 out of this total, so the net amount will be a bit less. It was a fun weekend and we have a new international Stone Skimming Champion from Japan, Keisuke Hashimoto. The weekend was topped off with the engagement of Mellon and Maggie, a very big congratulations to you both.

September 2017


4 Greener Lorn Islands - Climate Challenge Fund - Full update

As part of the Lorn Islands Partnership, we were successful in securing funding to help Easdale, Luing, Lismore and Kerrera to achieve lower carbon emissions through potentially using glass imploders, repair workshops and recycling facilities here on Easdale and on Kerrera.

We appointed a Project Officer and I know many islanders met her. It became clear that the proposed project required further research and that glass imploders were not appropriate for Easdale. Other aspects of the project were also found to be not quite achievable in the short timescale and through the hard work of our PO a restructured project was put forward to the funders.

The proposed changes were not supported by ERDF and Keep Scotland Beautiful, and a decision was made to close down and wrap up the project early and to achieve a few goals of the project for the islands. Sadly this means Easdale will not be getting any improved recycling facilities though on the positive side we will be getting a community sewing machine which will be available for all to use.

This has been a difficult though interesting project to be involved with and highlights that we will have to work together to find new ways to lower our waste, to re-use what we can and figure a more efficient way to get our recycling off the island. Everyone's thoughts and suggestions welcome! We hope you will join us in thanking our Project Officer whose hard work and diligence has still managed to deliver benefits to the four Lorn Islands.

August 2017


Summer Arts Festival - "Life"

The Summer Arts Festival on 15th and 16th July was a great success. A big thank you to Ghalia for organising and coordinating the exhibition and a big thank you for all who submitted works of art. Next years theme is "Pride".

July 2017


Atlantic Adventure Day - Cancelled

We are sorry to say that Atlantic Adventure Day has been cancelled this year. The issues that arose before, during and after the community meeting on May 13th have taken up much of the work, time and attention of the directors and with our numbers reduced could not give the time and energy required to properly organise the event. We will be looking to put it on next year.

July 2017


Running Machine

A big thank you goes to Des and Calum who carried out a bit of needed maintenance on the running machine in the hall.

July 2017


Creative Scotland - Success!

Thanks to the hard work of Keren and Des, we were successful with our bid to support our Arts Programme this year from Creative Scotland. The results have already been enjoyed by all, with the Circus workshop and performance in July being a favourite!

In addition, the Creative Scotland funding has meant we have purchased a new sound desk for the Community Hall. Outwith the Creative Scotland bid, Keren and Des have booked Tide Lines and Peat Bog Faeries to play in August and October respectively.

May 2017


Director Resignation

Sadly, Michelle has stepped down as a Director. We thank her very much for all her support, her time and hard work, especially in the months leading up to the Community meeting on May 13th, working hard in handling the complaints about Eilean Eisdeal and the management of the Harbour. Thank you!

May 2017


Upcoming talks in Feb

Talks hosted in Easdale Island Community Hall about possible solutions to issues facing island communities. All welcome.

11 Feb at 12.00pm & 2.30pm
Two 30 minute sessions about anaerobic digestion and other ways we might handle our food waste and alternatives to septic tanks will be given by Dr Michelle Morrison from CPI UK, who is working with SAMs as part of a project on anaerobic digestion.

18 Feb at 10:30am
Stuart from BOB Broadband will be coming to talk about providing faster Broadband to Ellenabeich and Easdale Island.

February 2017


New Year Day Ceilidh and Panto

January is over already and it doesn't seem that long ago since two days of artistic performance. Thank you to all who came out on the 1st to get up on stage to do a turn or just came to watch (well done to the Ladies Choir for winning this year).
Secondly thank you to all who came to watch the Panto Alice in Easdaleland. It was a big success and helped raise close to £500 to support the Hall. Thanks to Keren for writing the script and pulling it all together. Time enough for a breather.

January 2017



This year's Annual General Meeting of Eilean Eisdeal is on Thursday 29th December at 2.30pm in Easdale Island Community Hall.

December 2016



Our condolences go out to Mary Withall and Jean Adams with the recent deaths of Peter Withall and Bert Baker: good friends and both having contributed much the island. Without Bert we would not have the World Stone Skimming Championships and we treasure his visit last year to give out the awards. They will both be sadly missed.

December 2016


Beth & Joe's wedding

Congratulations to Beth and Joe on their marriage on the island, in the hall. It was a great day and wishing them continued happiness. They looked wonderful.

November 2016


Finlay Ballantyne

Congratulations to Laura and Des on the recent birth of Finlay.

November 2016



Thank you to all for coming to the Fireworks we raised £100! Many thanks to Carolyn and the Sea Fari team for setting off the Easdale Display! Thank you to Don for running the BBQ.

November 2016


Buggy Shed Building

Planning permission for the buggy shed has been granted - please come along to the community effort on Easter weekend and help assemble it under the guidance of Don Gillies

March 2016


Table Tennis Table

The new table tennis table has arrived - many thanks to Michelle and family for assembling it. Bring your own bat and balls and have a game!

March 2016


Burns Supper

The Burns Supper will be in The Puffer on the 30th January - contact The Puffer on 300022 for tickets

January 2016


Easdale Panto

This year's Panto - Jack and the Beanstalk - was an overwhelming success, raising over £400 for the community

January 2016


New Director

Don Gillies was co-opted at the first meeting of Eilean Eisdeal directors after the AGM.

January 2016


Hall Events

For more info and ticket sales see the hall website



Easdale is a small island in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland, 16 miles south of Oban. 'Eilean Eisdeal', the Easdale Island Community Development Group, is a charitable organisation run by residents and friends of the island to carry out projects on the island of benefit to the community and with the long term aim of regeneration and sustainability for the island.

Eilean Eisdeal was set up in 1997. Its first major project, the renovation of a unique slate built hall on the island for use as an arts and community centre, was completed in May 2003. In 2005 funding was secured for the purchase of the island’s historic harbour and an adjacent area of land for community development. The regeneration and repair of the harbour continues to be an ongoing project.

Easdale Island Community Hall

Easdale Island Community Hall is host to the highly successful Eilean Eisdeal Arts Programme and other community activities and is also available for functions such as weddings and conferences. Details of Arts Programme events, the hall and its facilities, and how to go about booking the hall, are now available in our dedicated hall website at www.easdaleislandhall.org.

Easdale Island Folk Museum

The award winning Easdale Island Folk Museum was purchased by Eilean Eisdeal in 2008. Now under community ownership it offers employment and volunteer opportunities to the islanders. Please see our Museum website for more information.

Eilean Eisdeal would not be able to survive without your support. Any assistance you can offer, either in terms of ideas or your time, or by way of financial donation or membership, will be of invaluable help in furthering the preservation and future viability of this unique island.

If you have never been to Easdale Island, we hope you'll visit soon! Please see our accommodation page for somewhere to stay.

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